When Simple Equals Sales

I've got an insanely bad habit of over complicating things because my inner geek comes out at the incredible possibilities you can do with today's tech.

But for once, I decided to un-complicate things.

To not add any more work for me.

Not take up any extra time.

But still generate revenue!!

I think my most used phrase lately is "I don't have any time to do _______".

And me being me I was going to add another thing to my plate because the "Wouldn't it be cool if..." part of my brain (my inner geek) kicked in.

I was going to launch a membership while already trying to get a beta course done.

Yup. Crazy.

So I went back and analyzed the research. Took a look in some groups and the most common problem and question lately was regarding getting a welcome sequence done and tailored to their business to generate sales.

Cue the epiphany moment!

An epiphany moment that ended up with an EPL (earnings per lead) of $10.66 and no ad spend.

My full course Engage Mail has a full module dedicated to getting your welcome sequence done and getting people to take the next steps with your business.

So for those not needing the rest, who had a good grasp on email marketing...the module pulled out to be a mini course on it's own would be a perfect fit.

So that's what I did.

I created a new course in Kajabi, but NOT new content.

I simply copied module 6 over to the new course. Added a couple bonuses (which were also done), a sales page and checkout page and done.

Next I posted in my groups if anyone would be willing to beta test this mini course to make sure it made sense as a standalone course and the feedback was phenominal.

For example Kayla within 24 hours of sending her first invite #1 from my Engage Mail Mini course someone book a call with her.


All of the feedback coming in from the beta testers was super positive and it was getting people results. Which I knew it did in my full course, but never had tested it out on it's own.

So now knowing it made sense on it's own, and people were still getting results. I sent out two emails to a small portion of my list at a 50% off introductory offer for the first 50 registrants and my email started lighting up with you've made a sale emails while I was off at the cottage (power of email marketing and creating digital products). 

I also had posted in two paid mastermind groups to get feedback on the sales page and that ended up generating a couple sales as well. But it wasn't part of my strategy. I was honestly just looking for feedback on my sales page. So it was a nice surprise!

If you want to check out the sales page I created click here.


James Wedmore, has a saying "Money doesn't come from effort".

I took an already created module, didn't even change the intros. Left everything AS IS and put a note that this was Module 6 pulled out of my full course and it sold like crazy.

Now it's NOT the most revenue I've ever generated from a digital product. But, it's the most I've generated from the LEAST amount of effort!

I was still making a profit of $10.66 per lead while doing no extra work.

If I had done what I usually would have, I would still be creating the membership. I would've come back from the cottage and had another project to finish before generating any extra income.  

Instead, I went away on holidays with my newly added income stream and generated revenue with no extra work.

So my tip for you today, before you add that next project to generate revenue....

Take a look at your current products.

Take a look at your research.

Is there something that you could pull out based on your audiences needs that could work as a standalone for those that don't need the full thing?

Then take a look at how you can continue to use that revenue stream.

For me I'm now using Engage Mail mini as the downsell to my full Engage Mail course as well will offer it as a standalone mini course.