My Email Marketing Strategy FOR GROWING YOUR LIST


Below are 5 ways that I use in my business to build my list.


I was first introduced to webinars a few years ago after creating my first online course to sell. Cake School.

I set up my first webinar "Trendy Cakes & The Business of Baking" and added close to 1000 people to my list within a month from the registrants.

Trendy Cakes &.png

This was the start actually of me learning everything I could about email marketing because my first webinar tanked.

No sales.

And that email list I had started to grow was my saving grace. Sending out emails after the webinar ended up generating 5 sales for the first time I had ever done a webinar.

So if you're looking for an awesome list builder (even if you're not great with webinars) ;) try running a webinar.

You're probably going "Ok Jen, but how do I get people to register?"

Put it as a content upgrade on your most popular blog posts, podcasts, Youtube videos, etc on the ones that relate to the webinar topics.

Run a  $5-$10 a day Facebook ad.

Send out to your current list and put a viral sharing option (I love UpViral) on the thank you page to get your current subscribers sharing it.

Ask your fellow friendpreneurs to share with their audiences if they would be interested in your topic.



Free Online Workshops are amazing list builders. You can run them pitch free or with a sales pitch.

I recently ran a "pitch free" one that added over 100 people to my list within two week..

Pick a topic you know your audience is struggling with and create a 20-30 min presentation on this. 

While not necessary, I like to create a worksheet to go along with the workshop so people can follow along and increase engagement.

You can host it in your Facebook group or webinar platform.

I prefer hosting it in my Facebook group to get new members in there and increase engagement.


Challenges like webinars and workshops are another great list builder.

Most challenges run 3-5 days but I've seen ones as long as 30 days.

If you are just starting out, I would suggest doing a 3-5 day challenge as they can have a lot of moving pieces (emails, training each day, group coaching, etc).

Anyone signing up for the challenge would get added to your list just like with the webinar or workshop.

Challenges are a great way to keep the momentum going building a relationship with your subscriber so they stay engaged.

Remember, your list size won't matter if you're subscribers aren't engaged.


Pinterest is currently driving 38% of my website traffic right now.

If you don't have a Pinterest business account right now I highly suggest setting one up.

I create a Pinterest graphic for each of my blog posts and then pin it to my Country Girl Creative Board as well as 4 group boards I'm apart of.

Groups boards can drastically increase your organic reach on Pinterest.

They're boards will multiple contributors and all of those contributors of course are looking for content as well.

For example the Top Blogs - Pinterest Viral Board I'm apart of has over 6800 contributors.


Make sure to use keywords in your board descriptions as well as your pin descriptions so that when users do a search your pin or board will pop up.

Ok, so you're probably wondering ok, well you're getting people to your blog posts, but how does that get them on your list...which leads me to number 5...

Content Upgrades

Include content upgrades in your blog posts, on your website, in your podcast show notes, YouTube Descriptions, etc.

What are content upgrades?

They can be cheat sheets, checklists, coupons, a discount, a free training. Anything that helps the subscriber take your content to the next level with your business.

Content Upgrades act as incentive to exchange value. Their email list for your content upgrade.