How to eat healthy When You're Short on Time

Being a Mom of 5 and an entrepreneur I totally understand how hard it can be eating, let alone eating healthy. Below are my 5 simple tips for getting your eating back on track and on your way being a healthier you!




1) Drink Water

Drinking water has a ton of benefits to your overall health. For starters drinking water will help you focus and concentrate better as well as be more alert because your brain is mostly water.

Drinking water also helps with weight lost by removing products of fat and filling up your tummy (if you drink it prior to meals). It will also raise your metabolism and bonus...has zero calories!

There are so many more benefits to drinking water such as flushing out toxins, improving skin complexion, helps with digestion, boots your immune system, helps relieve and prevent headaches and sooooo much more.

2) Meal Planning

So often our nutrition takes a hit because we're busy and don't stop to take the time to plan meals for the week which in turn will lead to eating out to save time. Take 10-15mins at the beginning of the week to figure out what you're going to make for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. From there derive a grocery list for shopping. Not only will this help with your overall health and nutrition, but you'll see a huge savings in your pocket.

To help you with your meal planning you can download your FREE meal planner and grocery list here.

3) Meal Prep

Once you've gotten your groceries for the week take an hour and prep some breakfasts and lunches for the next 3-4 days. Great things to have on hand on stackable reusable compartment containers so you can portion out your meal prep for the different days.

Another tip is when prepping dinner, make extra. That extra can be a couple lunches for the week.

3 Compartment Meal Prep Dishes

3 Compartment Meal Prep Dishes


4) Ready to Go Snacks

Too often when things get busy we tend to hit the fast food joints or restaurants which can not only kill our nutrition but pack on the pounds. I like to keep ready to do snacks in my purse to grab when I'm hungry and don't have time to grab a full meal.

My go to snack bars right now are the Isagenix S'more Bars and Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bars. Their delicious and packed full of nutrition and protein and low on sugar.

isagenix choc peanut butter.jpg
isagenix smore bars.jpg

I also LOVE the Isagenix Dutch Chocolate shakes. I'll usually add a tsp of peanut butter and half a banana to the shake when I mix it up. They just came out with new seasonal shakes available for a limited time in Chocolate Mint and Pumpkin Spice.

isagenix pumpkin.jpg
isagenix creamy dutch chocolate.jpg
isagenix choc mint.jpg

5) Switch It Out

Eating at a restaurant? Don't be afraid to switch stuff up or out. Ask for dressing on the side. Skip the soda and get a water. Switch your unhealthy starches like fries and white potatoes out for sweet potatoes, quinoa or brown rice.

Aim to order foods that are steamed, baked, broiled, oven roasted or grilled and avoid things that are deep fried and breaded.

My most important tip for eating out comes from a quote "Everything in moderation". Portion control is your biggest weapon to make sure you stay within your daily calories so you don't overeat. Most restaurants oversize everything. Some side salads are big enough to feed a family of four.