How do I even Start Building an Email List? Part Two (the strategy)

To start getting people on your list you're going to need a few key things...


You've got the tech covered, sit down to write your first email to and stare blankly at the screen.

What do I send?

To figure out this answer we need to start with what are the plans for your business for the next 90 days?

Are you launching a course?

Helping an affiliate?

Selling physical products?

These play a big factor in determining what to send.

Some more questions to explore...

What do you focus on?

What segments could you have for your list based on what you focus on?

When do you want to do these things in the next 90 days?

Plot everything out on a calendar.

Once you've got all of the important dates plotted out of when you are doing the money making activities we need to fill in the blanks.

What does your audience need to know about and understand before you sell to them?


I'm launching a course in July.

In May I would want to start warming up the segment of my list that would be interested in my course based on what they signed up for.

I would do this by choosing topics that relate to the course I'm selling and creating a blog post, or other content to start re-framing possible beliefs they may have that need to be corrected or educating them that they actually may have a need for this solution.

Once the warm-up is done I would invite them to a free training (webinar, challenge, video series).

At the end of the free training would come the sales pitch.


For your weekly content, take the things you focus on and brain storm topics for each week and each segment that you could send out.


If my segments were Email Marketing, Pinterest & Instagram I could do the following...


Email Marketing

Wk 1 - How the whole Email Marketing thing works?

Wk 2 - How to actually get people to open your emails

Wk 3 - The 5 Subject Lines you need to be using

Wk 4 - Increase your conversions with these 3 tips



Wk 1 - How to set-up your Pinterest profile to get found

Wk 2- These 5 things will get your Pins seen

Wk 3- The Pinterest Strategy to generate Massive Traffic to Your Site

Wk 4- Groups Boards? Do you need them?


and so on...

If you're doing an 8 week warm-up, your weekly topics could be your warm-up topics for that segment.

Anyone who doesn't take you up on your invite would just keep getting your weekly emails.



Ok, so you know what to send and when to send...but how do people even get on your list.

You may have heard of the term "lead magnet" which is basically an incentive to get people to hand over their email address in exchange for what you're offering.

Now with the GDPR in effect on May 25, 2018, the way you handle this now is a bit different.

You can no longer add people from the EU to your list when they sign up for a freebie unless they give you their consent.

You'll either need to enable double opt-in or use a check box on your opt-in form to get consent from them to be added to your list.

With double opt-in, I edit the email to provide them with the freebie in the first sentence that they signed up for.

The rest of the email, explains the benefits of being on my list and what they would receive if they decide to hit the confirm button.

With check boxes on your opt-in form, you can include a small message about what they're getting if they check that box. The box CAN NOT be pre-checked.

Anyone who's NOT in the EU you can email as you were already doing, unless you live in an EU country and then everyone on your list has to be compliant with the GDPR.

So lead magnets still are the best way to get people on your list.

But there's a little more strategy involved in getting the second yes to be added to your list.

When it comes to the freebie, make sure it relates to what you do and your end goal.

Your freebie should be the first part of your funnel. Solve a small part of the bigger problem that your paid product deals with.


Step 3! Woot!

You've got the when to send, what to send and how to get people on your list covered.

It's time to drive some traffic.

Now there are tons of ways to drive traffic to your lead magnets.

My 2 favs are Pinterest and Facebook.

With Pinterest you'll need to grab a Pinterest Business Account or convert your personal account in to one and then optimize your profile to get found by using keywords.

Each Pin you post should also be keyword optimized to get found and make sure to contain no broken links.

For more on how to make Pinterest work check out this amazing interview that Tailwind did with Pinterest's head of product marketing Sarah Hoople.

With Facebook, I run a small $5 a day ad to my best converting lead magnet(s).

If you're not ready to dive into paid traffic yet, put your highest converting lead magnet that would apply to most of your audience in your Facebook Business page profile.

If you have a group put it in your pinned welcome post.

Join some Facebook groups that you can participate in that allow promotions and put it in those.

Now the key to joining other groups is PARTICIPATION. If you only show up to post your stuff and then bow out until next week you're not going to see any traction. You need to be an avid participant and develop relationships with those in the group. People then are more likely to sign up and share what you're posting then.


The last important thing for this lesson, would be making sure you have good copy.

Especially on your landing pages, your opt-in forms and even in the welcome emails that follow opt-ing in.

Your words will make a huge difference in whether people decide to join your list.

If you're not a confident writing copy yet I would suggest in investing in a Copywriting course (this will help you so much with even just writing emails).

Or if your budget allows for it, hiring a copywriter.

Two course that I would recommend would be Copy School by Copy Hackers (specifically 10x emails and 10x Landing Pages) and The Copy Cure by Marie Forleo & Laura Belgray.