You know what I’m scared of…


Working with my kids. And not working with my kids in the sense of I’m scared to work with my kids around, but in the sense I’m scared of what other people will think of me working with my kids around.


Let me explain, you see I have an online business and a couple times a week I do group coaching calls.


I don’t have someone to watch my toddler 90% of the time and for the life of me can not get him to nap at the same time each day.


So I’m usually doing these group coaching calls with my toddler either playing in the background or sitting on my lap.

coaching call.jpg
coaching call 2.jpg


I also have 4 other kids ages 9-14. The teenagers are really not a big deal, but sometimes the 9 year old and 11 year old will have a sibling quarrel. Typical brother/sister type stuff.


It used to not bother me.


I used to think nothing of it.


But then I made the mistake of scrolling through FB comments on other mompreneurs posts seeing the minor things they were being judged for and the fear started to creep in that I’m being judged for having them my kids with me while trying to help others.


Like if I’m trying to assist someone on my video call and my toddler is there because he chose not to nap that day when I needed him to, that I lose my credibility.


Like the information gets altered in my brain and becomes less valuable because he’s there.


Which is not the reality. The information in my head is the same. The value is the same.


I got so scared of being judged, that I stopped “showing up” if Ty was going to be awake. I’d reschedule the calls and try again to get him to sleep.


I became inconsistent in my business because of this vast fear that people were going to judge me for showing up to help them with kids around...which in turn had me not showing up at all.


And it didn’t stop there. I started using them as an excuse to not write that blog post, or that email newsletter. “Oh, I won’t be able to concentrate with them around so I’ll put it off to next week”.


When you become inconsistent with your business, you lose trust. You lose income. You lose your drive. You forget why you started doing this in the first place.


Your beliefs will have a huge impact on your success.


I started doing this business so I could be there for my kids while making an impact in the world and helping others and then I started using them as an excuse not to do it.


In reality, it’s better for me to show up with my kids then not show up at all.  It’s better to have progress than perfection. People are going to judge me anyways. They are. That’s reality.


The people who really want and value my help. That value my expertise. Won’t care if my kids are there. They won’t care that Ty decided at that moment he need to play the xylophone.


They won’t care if I have to excuse myself from the call for a second to tell my kids to take it elsewhere.


Because they’ll understand. They’ll be able to relate. They’ll be thankful that I’m still there to help them despite what’s going on in my life at that current moment.


What’s holding you back right now? What’s preventing you from showing up in your business? In you life?


Your excuses will get you nowhere except to the same spot you currently are.


I know it’s incredibly hard. I would be lying if I said I don’t still have those fears.


But I’m going to show up anyways.


I’m going to stop making excuses.


I’m going to help people despite my situation.


I’m going to get results and make an impact.


You want to change your life? You want different results in your business. You need to change your mindset.


When you change your mindset, you change your life.

So I want you to right now take 10 minutes and jot down what you’re scared of in your life and your business.


What’s holding you back right now from reaching your goals? From accomplishing your dreams?


Then I want you to go through each one, and evaluate it. Are they facts or beliefs?


Anything that is a belief I want you to rewrite it as a new story. Reframe it so that it’s not in your way.


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