How to Set-Up a "Mock" Cart Abandonment Series to Increase Conversions

This one little sequence can increase conversions by up to 10%. A Cart Abandonment sequence.

>> Sometimes people get to the checkout and then get distracted, forgetting to come back to the cart they were about to checkout at.

>>Sometimes people are still on the fence about making the purchase and chicken out before they hit the submit button.

Whatever the reason, a cart abandonment email can drastically increase your conversions over time.

The timing of when you send you first email is important.

According to Go-Daddy sending the cart abandonment email after 15 mins will increase your chances of closing the sale by up to 3x than waiting an hour.

If they don't purchase from the first reminder send a second email 24 hours later.

Have the automation check to see if they purchased again before sending the third and final reminder (usually 5-7 days afterwards). The timing of your 3rd reminder will depend on when your cart is closing if you're using this during a live launch for a product or service.

If they're getting sales emails, then maybe you want to omit the 3rd reminder. Or maybe you want to create a custom email sequence for them that combines your sales emails with the reminders.

Below I'm going to walk you through the basics of setting up a "mock" cart abandonment email automation with ActiveCampaign (my CRM). A thing to note here, is we can only use this method to track subscribers who have visited the checkout page.

To capture anyone not in your list, you can use your Facebook pixel on your checkout page and set up an ad specific for cart abandonments.

If you haven't tried out ActiveCampaign yet, I highly, highly recommend them.

>>You can grab a 14 day FREE trial of ActiveCampaign by clicking here<<

If you don't have ActiveCampaign, you would need to make sure your email provider or CRM has the ability to track which sites your subscribers are visiting.



In ActiveCampaign, you'll need to turn on your site tracking and then copy the code to any pages you want it to track in the footer section.


In the picture above you can see I've added my tracking code to Samcart's footer area.



You'll want to start the automation with a "web page is visited" action.

You would then add in which URLs you want it to track for this specific automation.


Don't forget to name your automation in the top left as well.

You can see in the picture above I've now got a trigger to start the automation when they visit my one specific checkout page.

Then I'm going to add a wait condition. You don't want it sending the reminder right away because we need to give them a chance to checkout.

I'm going to set the condition to wait for a specified period of time.

And then I'm going to tell it how long.

To give people a chance to checkout I would probably set this wait period for 30mins (15mins to allow for checkout and then 15min wait time before sending a reminder).

It's up to you what time length yo put in here but I recommend not doing more than an hour.

Before I send the first email I want ActiveCampaign to check if they've purchased. So I'm going to add a condition.

I select the "If/Else" condition to start.

I'm then going to tell it to check for a specific tag they would receive if they purchase the product.

So in this case the condition is "If tag does not exist Engage Mail".

It then wants to know what I want to do.

On the "YES" side, if the tag doesn't exist I want to send the reminder email.

On the "NO" side I would just end the automation. If the tag exists then they've purchased so no need to send a reminder.

On the "YES" side I would then go in to sending options and click "send email".

Create New Email.jpg

It's going to ask you to name the email. This name is only visible to you.

You'll also be asked to select a template. I've created my own template in ActiveCampaign that I use for my emails. You can do this as well to make it easy for creating any emails for your brand.

When it gets to the subject line. If you have a subject line in mind put that here. If you're not sure yet. Just put something and then you can edit it later.

With subject lines you want them to be eye catching and make the person curious or intrigued to open.

You'll then want to edit your email.

It's a good idea to have these pre-written and then you can just plug in what you want to say quick.

If you need to edit the subject line then click on the gear icon in the top right corner and edit the subject line.


It's up to you then how you want to proceed.

It's recommended to do 2 more reminders at 24 hours and then 5-7 days after.

However, if you're using this for something like a course launch (live or evergreen) then I might just stick with the one reminder because they'll be getting additional sales emails already and you'll probably be closing the cart.