The Ultimate Email Welcome Sequence

Email Welcome Sequence On Steroids

Want to see huge growth in your business?

By implementing the "Ultimate Welcome Sequence" strategy that is exactly what'll happen.

Most people will only create one welcome sequence that they send to their entire audience. The trick is to segment your audience based on your areas of focus and create welcome sequences specific to those topics.

This will help you speak more effectively to your audience, be able to send them relevant content to their needs and in turn create a connection, engagement and increase conversions.

So if that's greek to you and you're like "Jen what the heck did ya just say?" here's an example.

What is an "Ultimate Welcome Sequence?"

Say your business focuses on 3 areas of marketing. Let's say Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

You would create a welcome sequence for each of those areas. One for people interested in Facebook, one for people interested in Pinterest and one for Instagram.

So for example, if they sign up for a lead magnet associated with Facebook, they would get your Facebook focused welcome sequence. 

In this blog post I'm going to break down the exact steps on how to set this up in one of my favourite programs ActiveCampaign. If you don't have ActiveCampaign, you can still apply the strategy to most email marketing providers as long as they allow you to tag and set up sequences using tags.


So step number one is setting up your lists based on your business areas of focus and your tags.

Set-Up Welcome Sequence Tags & Lists

So by looking at the chart above you can see that there are 3 areas of focus for this business example.  So first thing would be that you want to create a list for each of these focus areas.

Create Your Email List

You would then create a tag for each of these focus areas.

So based on this chart, looking at the column on the left. Facebook is the area of focus, so a list was set up called 'Facebook' and a "general" tag is set up called 'Facebook'.

When subscribers opt-in for one of your freebies they'll get subscribed to your list specific to that area of focus as well as the all subscribers list.


Your next step after creating your lists and figuring out your tags would be to set-up the form for people to opt-in.

So this example again is based off of the program ActiveCampaign. So it might be a little different depending on which email marketing provider you are using.

Some email marketing providers might not have the capabilities also to do a set-up like this so you might only be able to do part of the strategy.

Set Up Email Form for Freebie

So if you look at the example above you would start by creating a form with the freebie name. For example 'Pinterest List Building Strategy'.

The next step would be to add the "actions". What do you want to happen when someone signs up basically. So you would set it up that they get added to your 'Pinterest' list (because it's a Pinterest based freebie) as well as your 'All Subscribers' list.  You DON"T want to add the general tag yet though. That's coming in a future step. Instead add a tag specific to this freebie by using the freebie name. That freebie name tag will start your welcome sequence.

You also want to add the action of what happens when they submit the form, which is taking them to your thank you page.

ActiveCampaign also lets you put in a 'confirmation action' (when they confirm their email). In this field you would put the link to your freebie.

ActiveCampaign has a awesome feature where if you put the thank you page in ActiveCampaign instead of something like Leadpages, if that person is on your list, instead of being taken to the thank you page they will get taken directly to the freebie.


Step Three - Edit Your URLS & Confirmation Email

Edit URLS for Email Form
Edit Urls for Email Form

In the picture on the left you can see the "On Submit" section. You would make sure it's set to "open url" and in the field below put your thank you page. Then you would click on the gear icon in the "Form Action" settings.

In the picture on the right above you can see the "confirmation action" section. Change it to "redirect to url" and then put your freebie link in the url field.

Then you want to click on "edit" in the 'Opt-In' email section to edit the confirmation email (double opt-in).

So the first thing I do with the template is delete what I don't want. In ActiveCampaign you would click on the gear icon and then 'delete this'.

Edit Confirmation Email

Next I would edit the confirmation button text and colours. If you remember the "confirmation action' is to take them to the freebie. So I changed the button text to talk about the freebie instead of just 'confirm your email'. DO NOT however change the merge tag in the link field on the right (dark area). If you change that it won't confirm their email address.

Edit Confirmation Email

Last I write a more personalized message for the confirmation email and remind them what they opted-in for and encourage them to click the button to download their freebie.

Edit Confirmation Email

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Step four - write your welcome sequence emails

So you want to write a welcome sequence specific to each area of focus.

What Emails to Write In Your Welcome Sequence

You want to include four emails for sure in your welcome sequence (five only if it's leading into an evergreen offer).

The first email includes the freebie they opt-in for, sets the expectations of what you will be emailing them, when you'll be emailing them and how often and briefly introduces yourself.

Email number two talks about "your story".

Email number three is where you send them your three best pieces of content (blog post, videos, podcasts) related to what they opted-in for.

Email number four send them a "high value" but FREE gift (eg. mini e-course) again related to what they opted-in for.

Email number five is optional and leads in to your evergreen offer sequence.

step five - set-up your welcome sequence

To start your welcome sequence you want to use your freebie tag name. So you can see for example below this welcome sequence is connected to two freebies so it would start with either tag.

You'll also notice that I've segmented my audience. If they have the general tag "Pinterest" they won't go through this automation. That's because that tag will tell ActiveCampaign they've been through the sequence before. I go more in depth on this below.

Setting Up Your Welcome Sequence in ActiveCampaign

You want to wait for a day in between each email to allow the subscriber time to get it and read it. You do have the option of setting it up so that ActiveCampaign won't send the next email until they open the first. The problem I find with this, is if they don't open the first then the sequence gets stalled. So I leave it just using a time period ( 1 day).

Setting Up Your Welcome Sequence in ActiveCampaign

When you get to the end of your sequence that's when you're going to want to add your general tag for your area of focus. You can see in the example below since this freebie was for Pinterest that the Pinterest general tag was added.

This is going to stop them from getting your Pinterest welcome sequence again if they opt-in for another Pinterest freebie. So many times I've experienced opting-in for multiple freebies from the same person and EVERY time I get their welcome sequence, even though I'm already on their list. This is how you solve that problem. ;) If you go back to the beginning of the sequence you'll see that if they have that general tag that it won't send them through the sequence.

Setting Up Your Welcome Sequence in ActiveCampaign

At the very end of your sequence if you are sending them through to an evergreen product sequence you wait for a period of time (eg. 1 week) before you start the next sequence. You will also need to add a tag to start the next sequence. You can see from the example below that I'm adding the tag "Pinterest Evergreen" to start the evergreen sales funnel sequence.

If you are not sending them through to an evergreen sequence you can just end the automation after email number four and they would just start getting your weekly emails.

Leading in to an Evergreen Funnel


If you do have an evergreen product you can send your subscriber to that has to do with what they opted-in for, you can change the beginning of your welcome sequence slightly.

If they've been through your welcome sequence before (so they have the tag Pinterest for this example), you can add the Pinterest Evergreen tag at the beginning under the "yes" segment and they would go directly into the evergreen product sequence.

Now it's up to you if you want to set-up the evergreen product sequence if they've been through it not to go through it again, or to go through it X amount of times.

Beginning of Welcome Sequence for an Evergreen Product

Step Seven - Starting Your Evergreen Product Sequence

Starting Your Evergreen Product Email Sequence

The tag that was added at the end of your welcome sequence or beginning of your welcome sequence will start your evergreen funnel sequence. The emails that will be sent out in this sequence would vary depending on what you’re doing to sell it (webinar, video series, email course, challenge, etc.).

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