Why Do I need an email list?...

Build an Email List

Having a quality email list will have a big impact on how successful you'll be in the online world of selling products, services or offers online.

No joke.

"But Jen, I'm on Facebook and I run ads, and I'm on Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram. Why do I need to build an email list too?"

Well, you don't need to build it TOO...you should make it the priority over building your social media platforms.

I'm not knocking social media platforms. I use them in my business as well.

But humour me for a second...

You don't own those lists. If Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, or any other social platform went under (not that they will---stop panicking), it would be like dead air on the radio.


No one to talk to and no one talking to you. Eeek!

Or a more realistic situation, what if Instagram shadow bans you?

Or Pinterest suspends your account for a pin that you weren't aware of posted by someone on your group board that violates their community guidelines? (true story)

Or Facebook decides to block you from advertising or just from Facebook?

All very real possible situations.

When you get someone on your email list they're yours!

Well not yours, you can't keep them, "the human". But you can keep the right to talk to them until they say "Buh-bye!"

It'll happen and it hurts! The first email un-subscriber is like a knife to the chest, a slap to the face, a...well you get it….

Ok, where was I...oh yes..

Social media platforms keep changing the rules, because they are businesses.

Businesses are businesses to make money. So they change things to make money.

I know unfair right?!

So even if you have 10,000 people on your Facebook page you might only be reaching 3000 of them organically. If you want to reach the other 7000 you're going to have to cough up some cash.

When you have 10,000 people on your email list, you can talk to 10,000 people.

I can hear the objections in your head starting again...

"Jen, not all 10,000 people are going to open it and you have to pay a monthly fee to talk to those people".

Correct! Not all 10,000 people are going to open your email. But there are ways to making sure a large chunk of them do and you're only paying one monthly fee to talk to them all month long.

A lot of email providers now even have engagement management features.

Meaning you can unsubscribe the people who aren't interacting/engaging with your emails for lengthy periods of time. Eg. Someone hasn't opened any of your emails for 3 months, you try and re-engagement campaign with no luck...so you use your engagement management features to get rid of people not opening your emails.

Alright so without further a-do....here are some other awesome reasons you should be growing a high quality email list.


Email marketing allows you to build relationships with your subscribers on a more personal level.

You're showing up in their virtual home with an invite.

Email is that thing you usually give to your family and friends and others you might trust. 

So when they opted-in, they trusted you enough with their email address (their virtual home) to want to hear from you.

You start building the relationship with an automated welcome sequence.

It delivers the freebie they opted in for, gives them the background on who you are and why you do what you do and then delivers more amazing content you start to build that know like and trust factor.

You can't do that with social media.

You can't personalize your posts for each person who likes your page.

You can't trigger an automated sequence to start sending the minute they like your Facebook page to start building a relationship.

You can't guarantee they'll even see your Facebook posts without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.


Email marketing providers allow you to segment your audience based on their interests.

If Sally only wants to hear about Pinterest then you can set it up in your email provider using tags or segments so she only receives email on Pinterest.

The more relevant the content is to your audiences wants and needs, the easier it will be to build that relationship and create a highly engaged list of raving fans and eager buyers.

Social Media is limited. You can't tell Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to only show this post to people who are interested in Pinterest.

Their algorithms are going to decide for you who sees it and the rest again you'll have to target with an ad.


Emailing your audience weekly allows you to stay top of mind with your audience when it comes to what you do.

For example, if you're a real estate agent and they hear from you on a consistent basis then you're more likely to be their go to person the next time they need to sell a house or need to refer someone to a real estate agent.


With the power of automated email sequences you have the ability to generate revenue on demand.

For example if you have an Evergreen Challenge and you have subscribers going through that, you can have it set up so they automatically get sent the challenge emails and then when done the challenge, a sales sequence would start automatically to sell your product.

Another example would be if you're running a special for a product. You can send out a few emails and generate sales with those few emails.

I did this at Christmas time for Black Friday for my Engage Mail course.

Sent out 3 emails to my Engage Mail waitlist and sold two extra spots in my course and it's resulted in additional monthly income because they went with payment plans.


This is getting a little more advanced, but with certain behaviour based email providers, you can set up email sequences to automatically trigger based on what pages your subscribers visit on your site.

For example, if they keep visiting pages on healthy eating and you offer a free video series that leads into your 30 Quick Healthy Recipes E-Book.

You can set up an email sequence to trigger if they visit 3 pages related to healthy eating to invite them to the video series.


Your email list gives you the ability to make a bigger impact with your audience by being able to send them highly valuable content on a consistent basis to help them with where they are struggling.


Despite the fact we use it for marketing, email is personal.

People will get to know you better through email, get to know your voice, your personality, the quality of your content.

And you'll have a chance to get to know your subscribers.

Lots of my subscribers reply with feedback, questions and information about them and their biz when I ask questions on how I can help them better.


Email Marketing allows you to set-up multiple income streams with automation.

You can have 10 different sales sequences going at the same time for 10 different evergreen products....if you are that ambitious and wanted to. lol

You only have so much time in the day, so by having some evergreen products and those automations set up you can generate "money while you sleep".

I have live products that are also on evergreen.

Once every 3 months I do a LIVE sale of that product where they get more access to me for one week like daily group coaching calls.


You can continuously attract more leads with your lead magnets or content upgrades (incentives for people to hand over their email addy).

I use my blog posts with content upgrades to continuously build my email list with high quality leads and subscribers.

People who will truly benefit from my free and paid content.

You can also then incorporate those lead magnets into your social media.

For example on my Facebook and Instagram profiles I have a link to opt-in for my FREE challenge.


I like to use social media as traffic generators and a way for people to get to know "me" a little more in a less formal setting.

I post pictures on Instagram about some aspects of my life so people can get to know the me behind the business.

Facebook I'll post about events I'm going to be at or if I'm going to be on TV or in a Magazine with something that would interest my audience.

With all of them, plus Pinterest...I use it to drive traffic back to my blog posts, upcoming free trainings and my products and services.

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