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I’m Jen Gardiner.

Kitchener, Ontario and is no stranger to online success. Her journey to actor is much like the many plot twists in an action packed film.

After building two successful online businesses, Jen started to pay heed to the same advice she gave the clients she coached, "What makes you come alive?"

Her success on TV as the go-to spokesperson for cake artistry and her in-demand Live trainings on Instagram and Facebook LIVE solidified Jen's love for engaging an audience with storytelling as a means to educate and entertain.

As a successful e-course creator who knows the power of online education, Jen immediately enrolled in the well-lauded online courses on Masterclass: Acting with Samuel L. Jackson, Acting with Helen Mirren as well as Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking and Acted Online with Dean Armstrong.

These online classes led to her continued participation with Armstrong Acting Studios in Toronto, Ontario where she is fine tuning her ability to bring characters to life, script work and professional on set skills.

With a background of Tae Kwon Do training and a love of martial arts, Jen easily transitioned into On-Camera Combat training. Jen trains at Rapier Wit in Toronto, Ontario for On-Camera Combat advancing her skills enabling her to do her own stunts and advanced choreographed scenes. She looks forward to the day where she can put her high kicks and Canadian Fire Arms training to use in a thrilling and risky fight scene.

Familiar with western horse back riding and a previously certified as a Red Cross First Responder, Jen has the ability to play characters in a wide range of genres drawing from her varied life experience to fully embody characters of all types.

Jen is available to work on projects of all types, including action films, romantic comedies or comedies, and TV series.

I love helping entrepreneur's grow highly engaged profitable email lists and sales funnels as well as empower them to create a business and life they love through fitness, nutrition, self care and mindset.

I’ve also been a certified sugar artist for 15 years and am an actress.

I started my first business when I was 20 years old (I'm now 33) and I've basically played the roll of Jill of all trades from sales, customer service and content creation to the tech of designing and setting up websites, email marketing software, setting up a video studio and doing all of my own editing.

My Mom always said that when I was a kid when she would tell me that I can't do something I'd say "watch me". lol

There's not much I won't try and tackle. And as my family and hubby will tell you I'm stubborn and driven and stick with things until they work


I became an Entrepreneur by accident. lol

All through high school I was dead set on the fact I was going to become a doctor. And not just any doctor--a neonatal surgeon. So all of my courses were geared towards that.

I was in Michael's craft store one day when I was pregnant with my first son and my Mom and I were at the checkout.

We noticed they were offering cake decorating classes and thought it'd be fun to take one. I had lots of found memories of my mom making really cool cakes. My favourite was a Ragedy Anne cake.

So we signed up and I started getting requests from Family and friends to do cakes. What started off as a hobby eventually became a career.

So at age 20 I opened a Custom Cake Shop and Bakery and forgot about med school.

I started off doing Bridal Shows (trade shows) to gain business and was advertising in every I could thinking the more I advertised the more I'd make.

I advertised in newspapers, magazines, door to door flyers, pamphlets, school plays, store bulletin boards, online websites, google ads. Anything you can think of I tried.

Well there's good and bad news to this story. The bad news was I ended up having to work even more to cover the advertising and half of it didn't even work.

The good news is from that I learned what works and what doesn't.

Once I figured out what advertising worked I quickly learned that if I wanted to increase my revenue for my brick and mortar business I was going to need to branch out.

I started teaching cake decorating and cookie decorating courses to kids and adults and they were selling out as fast as I could add them to the schedule.

Fast forward to 2014. My business was generating good income but still wasn't quite what I wanted. Along came B-School. It opened my eyes to a whole new possibility of what I could do with my business.

I decided I wanted to teach online and started creating my first online course. Cake School....

I decided to launch Cake School with a webinar. Now me being me, I tackled it head first without really knowing much about webinars at all. My first webinar tanked.

 This is a pic from when I had a monthly teaching segment on Rogers Daytime TV for a year.

This is a pic from when I had a monthly teaching segment on Rogers Daytime TV for a year.

My saving grace though was my email list.

I sent out a daily email for a week following that failed webinar and ended up generating 5 sales for my $1000 course.

True story.

Without my email list I would have generated $0 from that failed webinar a few years ago.

It was my struck by lightning moment.

From then on I did everything I could to take full advantage of this amazing tool and learned the in and outs of not only getting people on my list, but discovering the art of how to keep them engaged.

The results….My business is now grossing over 6 figures a year.

Toss the confetti!


p.s. Super impressed you hung in there to the end of this!! You're a rockstar my friend!