Jen’s journey is much like the many plot twists in an action packed film.

After building two successful online businesses, Jen started to pay heed to the same advice she gave the clients she coached, "What makes you come alive?"

Her success on TV as the local go-to spokesperson for cake artistry and her in-demand Live trainings on Instagram and Facebook LIVE about marketing solidified Jen's love for engaging an audience with storytelling as a means to educate and entertain.

Her courses and free trainings on email marketing, sales and cake artistry are available on this site.

As a successful e-course creator who knows the power of online education, Jen immediately enrolled in the well-lauded online courses on Masterclass: Acting with Samuel L. Jackson, Acting with Helen Mirren as well as Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking and Acted Online with Dean Armstrong.

These online classes led to her continued participation with Armstrong Acting Studios in Toronto, Ontario where she is fine tuning her ability to bring characters to life, engage with script work and hone her professional on-set skills.

With a background of Tae Kwon Do training and a love of martial arts, Jen easily transitioned into On-Camera Combat training. Jen trains at Rapier Wit in Toronto, Ontario for On-Camera Combat advancing her skills for stunt work and advanced choreographed scenes. Jen's Canadian Fire Arms training and fight scene skills will be on display in her upcoming role as a Isabella Watkins in the soon-to-be-released TV series, I, Terrorist.

Familiar with western horse back riding and a previously certified as a Red Cross First Responder, Jen has the ability to play characters in a wide range of genres drawing from her varied life experience to fully embody characters of all types.